Marleen Pauwels - 1959 – Belgium

Studied drawing and painting at the academy of fine arts Constantin Meunier in Brussels and etching at the Royal Academy of Fine arts in Aalst and Dendermonde. In 2001 she settled in Spain where she continues her work as a professional artist.


Over the years the Flemish artist’s style has evolved using various media including etching, collage and oil paint. In her current work, she has created her own distinctive form of expression with the use of mixed media on panel. Her application of colour has been inspired by the natural earth pigments she has discovered during her many travels throughout Spain.

In her recent work, the human figure is a constant presence, emerging from Marleen’s fascination with the fragility of the human condition. Once her “nucleus” has been established, Marleen completes her statement with the placement of her elongated human yet ghostly figures. At times transparent, then again obviously present, they seem to dance over the paper or stand demurely against the “wall”. The juxtaposition of the figure within the environment becomes a powerful statement. The completed canvas presents a timeless and almost theatrical tableau which invites and challenges the viewer to reflect upon themselves and where they stand in their personal environment.